Past seminars 2008-

Past CMM seminars (2008–). To see current seminars follow the link above, or to see these and other events in the philosophy department at the university of Leeds, see the philosophy events calendar.

The Seminar Schedule for Spring Semester 2012 was as follows:

3 February – Boris Kment (Princeton). “Are all fundamental facts qualitative?”
10 February – Jason Turner
17 February –  John Divers
24 February – Thomas Brouwer
2 March – Ross Cameron
5 March – Michelle Montague (Bristol).
20 April – Jennifer Nagel (Toronto).
27 April – Pekka Vayrynen
4 May – Heather Logue
18 May – Andrea Iacona
25 May – Caspar Hare (MIT)

The seminar schedule for Autumn 2011 was as follows:

30 Sept – Jason Turner
7 October – Michael Bench-Capon
14 October – Andrew McGonigal
21 October – Heather Logue
28 October – Matt Smith (Yale)
1 November – Jacob Ross (USC)
11 November – Steven French and Kerry McKenzie
18 November – John Hawthorne (Oxford)
25 November – Robbie Williams
2 December – Ross Cameron
9 December – Jon Banks

The Seminar Schedule for Spring Semester 2011 was as follows:

21 Jan — Shamik Dasgupta (Princeton).
18 Feb — Steven French
25 Feb — Carl Baker
4 March — Thomas Brouwer
11 March — Heather Logue
18 March — Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
25 March — Richard Woodward (Barcelona)

1 April — John Divers
6 May — Katie Steele (LSE)
13 May — Ross Cameron
20 May — Juha Saatsi
week of 23 May (specific dates TBA) — Andy Egan (Rutgers)

The Seminar Schedule for Autumn Semester 2010 was as follows:

1 October – Robbie Williams “Reference magnets”
8 October – Elizabeth Barnes “Metaphysically indeterminate existence”
15 October – John Divers
22 October – Akiko Frischhut “Changing the present”
29 October – Ross Cameron
5 November – Jason Turner
12 November – Michael Bench-Capon
19 November – Daniel Elstein
29 November – Josh Parsons (Otago)
8 December – Michael Morreau (Maryland)

The Seminar Schedule for Spring Semester 2010 was as follows:

Jan 21st: Eric Schwitzgebel (UCR) “Acting contrary to one’s professed belief”
Jan 29th: Ioan Muntean (Leeds) “Metaphysical frustrations about spacetime”
Feb 5th: Alex Oldemeier (Leeds) “Neo-Fregeanism, entitlement, and rule-circularity: a constraint for Wright”
Feb 12th: David Etlin (Leuven) “Desire as belief: an introduction” 
Feb 19th:  Elizabeth Barnes (Leeds) “Nihilism, parsimony and gunk” 
Feb 26th:  Scott Shalkowski (Leeds) “The descent of mathematics”
Mar 4th: Matti Eklund (Cornell)
Mar 5th: Janice Dowell (UNL)
Mar 12th: John Divers (Leeds) ” The Cognitive Structure of Belief in Necessity “
Mar 19th: Heather Logue (Leeds) “A rudimentary non-representationalist account of illusion”
Apr 23rd: Hilary Greaves (Oxford)
Apr 30th: Rory Madden (UCL)
May 7th: Mirja Holst (Leeds)
May 11th: Katherine Hawley (St Andrews).
May 18th: Brian Weatherson (Rutgers/Arche) visit

The Seminar Schedule for Autumn Semester 2009 was as follows:

Sept 10th Susanna Schellenberg (ANU) on theories of perception
Sept 22nd Aidan Lyons (Sydney) “Mathematical Explanations of Empirical Facts”
Oct 2nd Ross Cameron “CAI, SCQ and SIQ”
Oct 9th Jason Turner “Tractarian Nihilism and Inferential Unsystematicity”
Oct 16th Robert Williams “Accurate Beliefs about Indeterminacy”
Oct 23rd John Divers “Warranting Beliefs in Necessity”
Oct 30th Daniel Elstein “Indirect Epistemic Consequentialism” 
Nov 6th Stephan Kraemer title TBC
Nov 13th Elizabeth Barnes title TBC
Nov 20th Agustin Rayo (MIT) “Metaphysics without deep metaphysics” 
Dec 11th Carl Baker “Realism, Absolutism, and Faultless Disagreement” 

The Seminar Schedule for Spring Semester 2009 was as follows:

Feb 13th Ross Cameron Quantification, Truthmaking and Ontological Committment: Reply to Schaffer
Feb 20th Bo Meinartson TBA
Feb 27th Elizabeth Barnes Ways of Truthmaking
March 6th John Divers The McFetridge Disposition (Belief in Necessity)”
March 13th Jason Turner Everettian Libertarianism?
March 20th Robert Williams Degree supervaluational logic
March 27th Carrie Jenkins (Nottingham) Merely verbal disputes

April 24th: Robin Le Poidevin, Time without change in three steps
May 1st: Aaron Meskin, Two kinds of aesthetic contextualism
May 8th: Helen Steward, Perception and the ontology of causation
May 15th: Jeff King (Rutgers), on the unity of the proposition
June 2nd: Al Hajek (ANU), Most counterfactuals are false

The Seminar Schedule for Autumn Semester 2008 was as follows:

Oct 3: Joseph Melia, Something (more) on counterparts and ‘actuality’ operators
Oct 10th: Ross Cameron, Necessary truth, truthmaking and Triviality
Oct 17th: John Divers, Metaphysics without De Re Modality?
Oct 24th: Robbie Williams, The cognitive role of indeterminacy 
Oct 31st: Richard Woodward, Fictionalism and Inferential Safety
Nov 7th: Peter Simons, Mereology and Engineering
Nov 14th: Elizabeth Barnes, Emergence and Fundamentality
Nov 21st: Ross Cameron, Indeterminacy and truthmaking
Nov 28th: Stephan Kraemer, Generalizing Quine’s criterion of commitment
Dec 5th: Jason Turner, Are Ontological Debates Defective?


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