Indeterminacy workshop

The 2nd workshop for the Leeds Metaphysical Indeterminacy Project will be held on September 8-9 2011 at the University of Leeds.

Speakers and titles include:

* Katherine Hawley (St Andrews) ‘A Problem of the Many for Universals’ (joint work with Alexander Bird)
* Benj Hellie (Toronto) ‘Treating the future as open’
* Nick JJ Smith (Sydney) ‘Many kinds of indeterminacy; one kind of credence’
* Jessica Wilson (Toronto) ‘Indeterminacy in the World’

The workshop will start around midday on Thursday, and finish mid-afternoon Friday. Thanks to funding from the AHRC, there is no registration fee; but if you’d like to attend, please contact Robert Williams ( so we can ensure we have enough space.

The workshop is the second of six sponsored by the AHRC as part of the 3-year Metaphysical Indeterminacy project at Leeds. Further details can be found at the project homepage.


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