New metaphysics blog

Just to announce a new group blog on metaphysics:
Matters of Substance
. The idea is that this will be a forum for a whole bunch of metaphysicians, along the lines of PEA soup, Certain Doubts, The Garden of Forking Paths, etc. Robbie, Elizabeth and I will be showing up there, as will a bunch of other awesome metaphysicians, so add it to your bookmarks!


10 responses to “New metaphysics blog

  1. Perhaps my late mother (1933-2009)may have input in her journals and writings for this 'Matters of Substance' Her Blog is Whispering Soul of Dr. Dris, and she was a metaphysicion with a PhD (University of Metaphysics) former talk show host in Hawaii. Visit Thanks for this opportunity…will add this site to her blog log.

  2. Want to learn more about metaphysics and how it can change your life? You should check out Winslow Davis:

  3. Looking forward to seeing some more metaphysics related posts! I also own a metaphysics blog, feel free to check it out some time: Metaphysics BlogLuke.

  4. “Please check out the exciting new book previews from Walter Pierce. The books are a different way of thinking!”Dreams Unseen Unseen: The Dragon Of Mists Unseen: Cry Of The Dragon Beauty And Darkness Meet Book/CD Trailer: Where Beauty And Darkness Meet CD: Where Beauty And Darkness Meet Book: link my website:

  5. Metta-physics the co-relation between god and science

  6. We are all given the free will to decide what is real and what is not.

  7. What exists in the physical world depends on the person's perspective.

  8. I hope this blogsite will continue to post articles.

  9. Really enjoyed the posts .. I'm from The Village Mystic in Bradenton Florida.

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