There are two new papers posted on my homepage. One is my contribution to a symposium in Philosphical Books on Trenton Merricks’ ‘Truth and Ontology’. Basically, this paper just gives the bite-sized versions of what I think are the best motivations for truthmaker theory and the best accounts of truthmakers for negative existentials, modal truths, and temporal truths in a presentist setting.

The other is the first draft of a paper that Elizabeth and I have written on the open future. Our goal here is to argue that theses that often get run together with the thesis that the future is open are not consequences of it. In particular, we argue that the future can be open and bivalence hold unrestrictedly, determinism about laws be true, and the future exist.

I’ve also updated my ‘Truthmaking for Presentists‘ paper, to stop it making false claims (or at least to stop it making as many false claims) about here-now-ism (thanks Nolan!).

You should also check out Elizabeth and Robbie‘s new paper on metaphysical indeterminacy, which is awesome.


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