BSPC 2007

Elizabeth and I will once again be heading to the Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference at WWU. Elizabeth will be commenting on Agustin Rayo’s ‘Vague Representation’. Other papers we know about so far are Carrie and Daniel’s ‘Backwards Explanation’ and a co-authored paper by Andy Egan and Tyler Doggett. This conference was excellent last year (where I gave my Contingency of Composition paper, and got some excellent comments), and Bellingham is beautiful, so we’re looking forward to going back.

In other news, MV would like to draw your attention to a new metaphysics blog by Henry Laycock.


4 responses to “BSPC 2007

  1. hey, that’s great news. Ben Bradley and I will also be going; we’ll be presenting our paper on desire.rock!- Kris

  2. Awesome! We’re really looking forward to it. How will you be getting there? – by riding your bicycle?

  3. unfortunately, my bicycle got stolen last week. My wife’s got stolen the next day! #((#$#%*(#(##(@( So, no, won’t ride my bike. – Kris

  4. Man, that sucks.Further reason why you need a big butch guard dog, right?

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